You have so many questions when you’re pregnant and this group was such an amazing way to get the answers you need, to anything that’s on your mind... no matter how seemingly small. Millie is full of knowledge, and tells you what you need to know, at the right time, which makes you feel prepared and ready for what’s ahead. At the same time, you get to meet other women in the same position and feel fully supported and like you’re not the only one going through all the changes!
— Bella, Melbourne

Thank you so much for all your support during this exciting and nervous time. As a first time mum you helped put my mind at ease dozens of times and provided me with information to make the best decisions for me and my baby.
— Caryl, Melbourne

Thank you for your support throughout my pregnancy. Having the guidance and getting to know other first time mums-to-be gave me lots of reassurance. Millie was always willing to listen and tailor her knowledge to the stage of our pregnancies. I always looked forward to every catch up to see everyone and learn something new.
I recommend Bun + Oven to all mums who are looking for support and reliable information!
— Sarah, Melbourne

The Bun + Oven group sessions were the perfect introduction to pregnancy and birth. I loved being part of a small group, as it allowed the classes to cover areas of particular interest to us. Prior to Bun + Oven, I was apprehensive about labour and how to distinguish real labour from practise contractions and general pregnancy discomforts. Millie empowered me with the knowledge of what to expect so that I could go into the later stages of my pregnancy and also the labour with confidence and a feeling of readiness.
Thank you so much!
— Emily, Melbourne