Bun + Oven Groups

Be connected with women at a similar time in their pregnancy. In small groups of 5-12 women you will meet with the midwife to answer questions and learn about the changes happening to your body. As your pregnancy develops you will be able to bring a support person to the last 3 sessions to learn all about labour, birth and what to expect in the first few weeks of being a new family.

Once all members have delivered we will gather to debrief and share experiences to help minimise uncertainty, reduce perceptions of trauma and meet the new additions to the team.

How are the groups allocated?

Women will be from 6-12 weeks pregnant when starting in a new group.

This allows the midwife to focus on key milestones in your pregnancy and ensure you feel supported in a group environment where women are at a similar stage to you.

If you do not fit the timing of the next group please contact us directly.

Session One - 8 weeks pregnant

  • Clinical dietary recommendations

  • Hormonal changes

  • Supplements

  • Anxiety management

  • Communication tools

Session Two - 12 weeks pregnant

  • Models of care options

  • Testing

  • Ailments

Session Three - 16 weeks pregnant

  • Mental health

  • Identity

  • Pelvic floor health

  • Diet + exercise

Session Four - 20 weeks pregnant

  • Sleep

  • Baby movements

  • Scans

Session Five - 26 weeks pregnant

  • Enjoying your pregnancy

  • Myth busters

  • Early parenting

  • Breastfeeding

Session Six - 30 weeks pregnant (first session to bring along support person)

  • Normal labour + birth

  • Hormones

  • Stages of labour

Session Seven - 33 weeks pregnant

  • Pain relief options in labour

  • Body changes

  • Potential complications in labour + birth

Session Eight - 36 weeks pregnant

  • Breastfeeding

  • Getting ready for bub

  • First few weeks of parenthood

Session Nine - mum + baby

  • Come together as new parents with your new bundle to recap the incredible journey you have all embarked on together

  • Debrief + reflection of birth experience

  • Breastfeeding and postnatal support session

  • Highlight resources and support services available to all

The stages of pregnancy above act as a guide to the outline of the program.

The brief outline gives you an idea of topics that will be discussed in detail at the sessions.

PLEASE NOTE: If the minimum participants are not met then the group cannot go ahead and a full refund will be given.