Taking back the power.


Early pregnancy can be a vulnerable time. Your body is changing, your hormones are raging all while becoming accustomed to life offering a new chapter.

Some women may feel isolated as sharing this exciting news can often be suspended in the first trimester.

So where do you turn?

Do you confide in friends and family who may have been through it? Do you refer to your GP with your endless list of questions? Or is it Dr Google that gets a slamming on your browser? You are too early to be referred to a hospital and not everyone has the option of a private obstetrician. You may be feeling isolated, scared and thrilled all at the same time!

So why not connect with other women who are experiencing the exact same thing as you and be supported through community with the guidance of a midwife.

Bun + Oven endeavours to support you through your pregnancy to ensure you feel safe, empowered and confident that you are having the pregnancy journey you hoped for.

At Bun + Oven we are of the sound belief that knowledge is powerful. This can then be applied to your pregnancy, birth and postnatal experience through Bun + Oven group sessions and Midwife Hotline, making sure you are getting appropriate and tailored care to suit all your needs.