How do I chose my model of care?

Have you decided what kind of care you would like throughout your pregnancy? Would you like to go private or public? Would you like the guidance of a private midwife or a doula? Have you thought about the kind of birth experience you are hoping for?

Bun + Oven gives you an idea of the type of care that is available to you in the private and hospital systems in Victoria and helps to ensure you have made the right choice for your needs.


What should I not be eating?

If you have googled anything to do with your pregnancy the hot topic that comes up time and time again in early pregnancy is your diet.

What can and can’t I eat in pregnancy? What are the risks to me and my growing baby?

Bun + Oven helps to break down the myths and ensure a healthy and balanced diet is achieved in early pregnancy and throughout.


What tests do I need?

 You have just found out you are pregnant. Congratulations!

Where to from here? Do you have a reliable GP to help guide you through this early stage of your pregnancy? When do you need to have scanning in your pregnancy? What are the different options with testing in early pregnancy?

Bun + Oven will help unravel what appears to be the complex options available to you and guide you in the right direction.

I am feeling overwhelmed

Being newly pregnant can be a time filled with joy, fear, emotions and exhaustion. This can all become a little too much and the anxiety surrounding pregnancy can take over.

Let Bun + Oven ease those fears and let you get back to enjoying the changes in your body and remember the reason you have embarked on this journey in the beginning.




Let Bun + Oven take it from here

This time in your life can be a foreign and overwhelming prospect. This is where Bun + Oven step in to help ease the transition. In these specifically designed group sessions you can learn about pregnancy, have your questions answered and feel a sense of community with other women going through the same thing.



9x 2 hour sessions with experienced Midwife + exclusive unlimited midwife hotline access


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