Are you 4-12 weeks pregnant?

Early in your pregnancy you can feel isolated and unsure as to the journey you are about to embark on. Some of you might not even have shared this exciting news with friends or family yet. So who can you turn to? This is where Bun + Oven steps in to provide a midwifery led support group to help you navigate early pregnancy and feel supported about the choices you are making for you and your baby.

As your pregnancy develops, Bun + Oven strives to empower you with knowledge and understanding of how your body is changing and your baby growing. Through midwifery specialist support you will then feel excited to take on the last phase of your pregnancy through childbirth education focused sessions.


What is the Midwife Hotline?

Personalised One-to-One Access to your midwife

Dr Google can be a rabbit warren when it comes to answering your questions throughout your pregnancy. The Bun + Oven midwife hotline is available to you throughout this journey to help provide evidence based answers that help put your mind at ease.


What are group sessions?


We meet 8x throughout your pregnancy that have been specifically selected to ensure optimal absorption of education and knowledge and 1x after everyone in your group has birthed to debrief and reflect on this incredible journey you have been on.

Each session is catered to answer the hot questions around that time of your pregnancy and understand how your body is changing and growing.


Is this a private midwife service?

Bun + Oven is a support and education service

Bun + Oven is a service that helps to empower, educate and support you throughout your pregnancy. It is not a private midwife service or replace the pregnancy care you have chosen. Hospitals can be busy places and you can feel like a number in a line of endless people. Bun + Oven helps to ease the anxiety around your pregnancy and empower you to take control of the journey you are wanting. It offers the continuity that has such a huge impact on a positive reflection of pregnancy, labour, birth and early parenting.


Will the midwife be at my birth?


This is not a private midwifery service or a doula service. The objective at Bun + Oven is to empower through education and support. We trust that you have made the choice of care that is right for your pregnancy and we have filled you with knowledge and support along the way so you have the experience you are hoping for.


What if I am later in my pregnancy

Please contact us directly.

Bun + Oven aims to provide care to women from early in their pregnancy as there is a discrepancy in opportunities for women to feel supported early on.

However, please do contact us as there may be group you could fit in to.


What if I cannot make a group session?

Confirmed Dates

Dates are given to you at the commencement of your first group session. Unfortunately dates cannot be rescheduled or made up.

Please contact us if there are any concerns.


What if I have a miscarriage?

Sadly miscarriages occur. At Bun + Oven we will support you through this time if that is what you are needing. We have connections with loss counselling and can have one-to-one sessions if required. Every circumstance is unique and we will endeavour to find the resolution that suits each need with a FULL refund or option for joining a new group in the future. Be reassured knowing this and please do not let the prospect of loss or uncertainty of how early in your pregnancy you are be a hinderance to joining a group.



For reservations or information:

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